Friday, April 13, 2012

Spiritual Brotherhood

A Loving Offering to Guruvarga - Srila Gurudeva - Srila Swami Maharaja and to my vaisnava family all around the world.

A Humble Dream

  This movie is about series of thoughts in my heart. I tried my best to present it with limited clips. It begins with Radha Krsna in Seva kunja and how by their mercy we all are a part of a big vaisnava family. A major part in this movie is dedicated to Braja darsan with Sri Yamuna ji, Brajawasijan and energy of Braja and how Krsna plays major role in this chain of life.
  This is an example for us to respect our "brotherhood" of being a part of RadhaKrsna family. Amidst criticisms from Isckon and its followers our Srila Gurudeva - a Rupanuga himself - a true representative of Sri Yugal Kisor shows his dedication and respect to our Guru varga and his god brother Srila Swami Maharaja. We celebrate his commitment, to  grow from our differences and embrace our brotherhood with happiness and unity. 
  I have faith that the time will change, the ice will melt, things will go back in time and once again our scattered family will reunite and spread the message of Krsna Prema in this world.

I created this video for private viewing. Kindly appreciate my efforts by keeping this private.

Gaura Haribol!  Srila Gurudeva ki Jai!

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