Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Plea To Save Yamuna Ji

Save Yamuna Ji to Save Vrindavan

The title of this blog may seem something about environmental issue focusing River Yamuna. This is a fact, but what expressed here is something that is more deep and sensitive issue.

I won't refer Yamuna as a river here, but I will pay my obeisance to Yamuna ji as a divine personality and one of the lifelines of Indian heritage. The whole purpose of this blog is achieved, if one can connect to Yamuna ji the same way most of the devotees, Hindus and every Indian will if they really care for India, where they see Yamuna ji as a live evidence of Krsna’s past time. If Yamuna ji is destroyed so is Vrindavan.

Coming to the point and keeping this blog short I can expect and believe that you all know about the pollution levels and environmental issues with Yamuna ji.

Here is the crunch! Recently the UP government has started constructing a bridge on Yamuna ji in Vrindavan at Kesi Ghat. People, Devotees and tourists come here to be with Yamuna ji as it is the last point where water of Yamuna ji touches the ghat.
This bridge construction is not across but almost parallel on Yamuna ji, obstructing water flow and many other problems that will have very long term effects. People think that this bridge is a very healthy thing for the economy of Vrindavan and is very much needed for its development. But reality is totally opposite! After getting into detailed studies, it is acknowledged that the consequences people of Vrindavan has to face in future will turn these feel good factors into scary and ugly realities. This kind of insensitive development will kill Vrindavan’s heritage and culture, making it one of the lifeless concrete jungles like any other city. It is unfortunate to see how in the name of development people may have neglected the points for the repercussions of destroying the holy Dham in future. Let´s do something together to avoid that kind of abuse.
More sad is the fact that from different part of world are not realizing the real issues behind this bridge and are silent. Being silent is considered as ones agreement to an issue.
To be aware of facts you can go to the links attached and be educated about what’s going on.
You yourself decide! What is right or wrong!

Save Yamuna to Save Vrindavan

Yamuna Vrindavan Heritage Foundation