Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Incident that could have turned into an accident!

Srila Gurudeva Ki Jai

Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gosvami Maharaj

Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah!

An incident happened yesterday at Janak Puri Math Delhi that could have turned into a serious one.
After the Harikatha as usual the devotees despite of announcement to be seated at their respective seats gathered around Gurudeva and delayed his exit towards the elevator back to his room. Along with Madhava maharaja and Brajanath prabhu somehow Gurudeva managed to reach the elevator. Within 5 seconds of the elevator's doors closed there was a power failure. Gurudeva, Madhava maharaja and Brajanath prabhu got stuck in the elevator. This lift is not very spacious. It can carry only four people at a time, so it can be imagined how suffocating the inside atmosphere of the elevator was. Every minute was like a yuga, nobody knew at what level the elevator was. It was hard to communicate as the evening aarti was going on and the crowd near the elevator was becoming panicky. The generator at Delhi Math is not connected to the lift so there was no power supply to the lift. One of the senior western lady devotee started creating drama by screaming Mahamantra as if something bad was going to happen. She was stopped. Ladies and girls started crying.

Time was ticking.
Every effort was failing and even ones with a strong heart started feeling seriousness of the situation. Amongst this chaos me and 2 more devotees went to the mid level of the building and with bare hands created a gap between the elevator doors to let some air pass into the elevator. Through that gap we could see Gurudeva inside the elevator. We realized that we should try opening the door with manual force. From one side we were pushing the outside door to open and from inside Brajanath Prabhu was using all his strength to open the inside door. Within few moments we broke the elevator door with help of a rod and bare hands. We saw that the elevator was a down from the actual level; Gurudeva was carefully pulled out from that. He was chanting and was as cool as if nothing happened. He was carried to his room immediately, where he was attended to see if he needed any medical assistance.

News is: Gurudeva is healthy and fit. No medical issues.

But I am angry, Very angry.

I understand love and thirst of devotees for Gurudeva's darshan, but "Not" at cost of some serious incident like this. If Gurudeva had reached the elevator in time, this mishap would not have happened. Yesterday I felt like piercing the crowd, smash everybody who was obstructing Gurudeva’s prasthan time.

Since beginning of my spiritual life under Srila Gurudeva’s guidance I’ve practiced and learned from sincere devotees that if Gurudeva is alone or not surrounded by crowd only then I should offer my dandvat, pranam or touch his lotus feet, otherwise I should do my pranam from a distance. Here through this blog, I request devotees all around the world:-
  • We all love Gurudeva, Please do not suffocate and hurt him with your love.
  • Try to offer your pranams from a distance at class or at festivals
  • Follow discipline and instructions when announced. Inspire others devotees to follow the same.
  • In crisis always remain calm and in control, do not create panic or support people who try to do so by showing off how much "they" love Gurudeva, by demonstrating their overwhelmed condition and create an artificial crisis situation, instead they create problems for devotees who try to resolve that situation.
  • We have Gurudeva's love and strength that can take care of any situations. And he himself is powerful enough to take care of himself and this whole world.
Do Not Forget We Only Have One Gurudeva! And We Want Him With Us Forever

I apologize for my rudeness, I will ask for forgiveness from the ones who would like to use this opportunity to lecture me. It is better showing my anger in words rather than becoming fierce to spread awareness for protecting “OUR” beloved Gurudeva.